Cabin Maintenance

Chainsaw Usage in Mineral King
24 August 2011

Good Morning,

Please see attached letter (hard copies will be in the mail to permit holders this week), which should clarify the use of chain saws in MK.

If you have any additional questions please call, thank you.

Christine Smith
Management Assistant
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
47050 Generals Highway
Three Rivers, CA 93271
Phone 559 565-3105
fax 559 565- 4202

Click here to view the entire letter from Karen Taylor-Goodrich regarding this issue.


Septic Systems
14 July 2011
Written by John Crowe

Christine Smith has assured us that the Park Service is as interested as we are in ensuring that our septic systems are functioning safely and efficiently. When repairs or maintenance are required, you might wish to keep the following in mind.

Emergencies are just that – and need to be attended to immediately. The Park Service recognizes that emergency repairs will be required from time to time, and that all of us will need to perform at least occasional maintenance work (such as accessing a septic tank for pumping, or running a snake or a hose through a leach line) to keep our systems functioning well. Make the repairs, and report the work on your annual maintenance report to the Park Service.

If further digging may be required for work such as replacing a septic tank or a leach line, or if power equipment may be required, give Ash Mountain a call before commencing that work.

Tom Burge has a legal obligation to ensure that archeological artifacts are not disturbed. That may involve simply checking records, or it may require a brief visit to the site – and either way, Christine and Tom have both assured us that they will respond quickly. The Park Service understands how limited our windows of opportunity for repairs are, and will work to accommodate us.

Christine may be reached at 559-565-3105 or , and Tom may be reached at 559-565-3139 or .


Gravel for Drives

04 June 2011

From time to time some of our drives need an application of gravel (or DG or aggregate base) to prevent erosion. There is, however, a need to be sure that we don't import any non-native plant seeds along with it. Neither the NPS nor we want to introduce any problem plants (weeds, etc.) into the park.

Accordingly, if you need to bring up a load of gravel, once you have located a source – but before you purchase the material – please advise the vendor that the NPS will be by to inspect the material and certify that it is seed free.

Then please give Christine Smith a call at 559-565-3105. If the Park Service is not already familiar with the vendor, it will dispatch someone to inspect the material. Christine has promised that the process will be completed within ten days.