Mineral King Access

Pavement Preservation Project Update; 27 August 2011
from Jerry Torres, NPS

The Pavement Preservation Project chip seal application has been delayed until Monday 9/12. The contractor has fallen behind in their schedule of work in other areas of the park as well as not finalized a traffic plan for the Mineral King work. To date the contractor is still planning on utilizing scheduled pass thrus, tentatively a mid morning road shutdown to begin the road work, a mid day pass thru, and opening the road at the end of the work day. What remains unclear is the construction duration period, locations of the traffic closure points, the hour of the mid day pass thru, the daily termination of work time, the coordination plan for passing project traffic (chip trucks) around the traffic closure zone in particular line of vehicles at closure zone, and other incidental matters. The contractor assures me he will have the information the first of next week (8/29). I'm sorry, I was hoping to have concrete/firm information by now.

Given the waning summer season the tentative start date is subject to change due to inclement weather as well as low ambient and surface temperatures.

On other matters the park will continue staging material for the Disney (Roads End) Bridge Project next week, with bridge reconstruction beginning Sept. 12th and the closure of the bridge the same day. Temporary pedestrian and ATV type access will be available, once the bridge is closed.

Once I receive further specifics pertaining to the Pavement Preservation (chip seal) Project I will pass it on to you.

Happy Trails
Jerry =======================================================================

ROAD CONSTRUCTION: Disney Bridge Replacement

The Disney Bridge will be closed from
9/12 through 10/20
May open earlier as work is completed

-All vehicles must be removed from south side of Disney Bridge prior to 7am on 9/12.
-No vehicle access south of bridge after 7am on 9/12
-Parking will be available for residents north of Disney Bridge along road shoulder and behind “Bridge Out Ahead” barricade during construction period.
-Pedestrian and utility vehicle access available for southside resident access during bridge construction.
-Resident vehicles will be issued “NPS Authorized Vehicle” windshield placards to alleviate public parking beyond barricade. More details to follow or inquire at Ranger Station.


Pavement Preservation Project Update for Period 8/22 - 9/2

August 22 - 26 and August 29 - September 2
Rolling short-term delays with pilot car escorting traffic. Traffic delays will be intermittent and short in duration with 15 minute maximum delays.


Road Closures

The Park Service will be doing a long-awaited chip-seal resurfacing of the Mineral King Road this summer. This is something which will benefit us all, but it will involve some inconvenience and planning on the part of everyone using the road.

The application must be done during warm weather, and may start as soon as August 15. We are working with the Park Service and the contractor to define the hours when the work will be done, so that you can plan accordingly. Because the road is so narrow, the sections on which the work is being done will be completely closed – so you will have to plan to travel in the early morning or the late afternoon or evening.

As soon as we know the precise dates and hours during which the road will be closed, we will let you know – but be prepared, and expect your travel times to be limited later this summer.

Also the Disney parking lot bridge will be removed and rebuilt (a pedestrian bridge built first but during the removal access will not include cars. More information will be posted as it becomes available.